Our terms

The main ones listed. The boring ones linked


Eligible rider

We do require you are of a certain age and experience before we entrust you with our beautiful motorcycles. Age limits are bike specific (min. 25 or 28) and you do have to provide a full motorcycle license with no less than 2 years of riding experience

Deposit and payment

A deposit (bike specific) will be blocked in your credit card when you pick the motorcycle up and unblocked when you return it in good condition. The payment itself can be done in cash, bank transfer, debit card or credit card


Bikes are insured against theft and damages with a fixed deductible which is bike specific. We offer additional insurance which will lower your deductible. 
We strongly suggest you purchase a personal insurance for that extra peace of mind

Riding abroad

We don't mind it and you are covered but we need to know which countries you plan to visit in advance so we can prepare your permission. Some limitations and some additional charges are possible depending on where you want to go. Check our Map for more details

Riding off-road

Please don't. Your Damage Waver does not cover damages done off-road and you are fully liable for them.


Basically - bring your own. We are limited to offering only helmets for rent at this time. Obviously we recommend riding in full high quality gear. By law, whether in Bulgaria or anywhere else on the Balkans, only the helmet is mandatory

Please go through our full Terms & Conditions - we do want you to be well informed